Want to strengthen heritage and character for the next generation?
You’ve come to the right place, for we are Legacy Builders.

A legacy is something received from another, usually an ancestor. Legacies are handed down in two forms: intangible and tangible.
·Intangible legacies include family stories, memories, values, lessons learned, faith, and family history.

·Tangible legacies include assets and things that can be touched, such as quilts, jewelry, family recipes, ethical will or legacy letters,written or audiovisual records of family histories, memoirs, or photographs.

WHY should I care about building a family legacy?

Because our children’s future is worth fighting for! If the knowledge of a previous generation of your family is lost, it leaves the next generation alone in learning life’s lessons.

In computer talk, have you “saved” what you’ve learned from life’s experiences by downloading it to the next generation? This resource is too valuable to be lost. (See Chapter 6, “Scented Footprints” of The Shepherd’s Pouch). If we don’t practice some planning and self-discipline now, we’ll live to experience the pain of regret later.

PURPOSE of this site: To help and encourage you in three ways to be more purposeful in building your family’s intangible legacy:
The Shepherds Pouch1. For materials, go to the free Resources and Store.The book, The Shepherd’s Pouch, is sold there, and some of it can be downloaded free.


The Face Of Christ2. Legacy Building, Family Journeys with a purpose, and my Blog will stir your thinking in various directions regarding the type of legacy you’re leaving.


Stories3. Stories begin on my front porch as I share personal Family Stories. You’ll also find stories regarding Animals and Character qualities.

Perhaps these stories will remind you of oral stories you could share with your family, or spur you to begin asking questions of your own relatives and writing them down for future generations.

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